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Weird Snack News: Zombie Frappe

Starting today, for a limited time, Starbucks is serving a caramel apple flavored coffee drink called the Zombie Frappuccino! It’s a green and purple drink topped with a pink whipped cream that looks like brains! Get it while it lasts!

Weird Snack News: Arby’s Venison Sandwich

Oh deer! Last year Arby’s offered a venison sandwich for a limited time in only a few states, but this year it’s available nationwide! Starting October 21st, you can get the thick-cut venison sandwich that’s topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce on a toasted roll at any Arby’s location! And guess what? If you’re in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana you can get an Arby’s Elk sandwich! What will be next? A squirrel sandwich? I hope so!

Weird Snack News: Ruby Chocolate

A new type of chocolate has been discovered (invented?) that’s made with the Ruby Cocoa Bean. Using a special process, scientists were able to render the natural flavor and red color of the Ruby Cocoa Bean to create a chocolate that tastes sweet and a little sour. It’s not yet available in stores, but if you’re craving some red chocolate, you can get this candy coated (and artificially colored) chocolate. Continue reading

Amazon Prime Day 2017

Happy Prime Day! It’s Amazon’s annual holiday of savings! Will there be any deals on awesome weird snacks? I don’t know, but it’s worth a look! Sign up for a prime membership right here!

Weird Snack News: McDonald’s Grand Mac

What’s bigger than big? A Grand Mac! McDonald’s is releasing a supersized version of their trademark burger! It has a total of 1/3lb of beef and larger buns to match. The little old Big Mac only has two 1/10lb beef patties. There doesn’t seem to be an official release date so franchisees will be rolling them out sometime this month. Is the Grand Mac already available in your area?

Weird Snack News: Taco Bell Chicken Chalupa Shell

Need more protein in your diet? Taco Bell has got you covered with their new Naked Chicken Chalupa! Instead of the regular fried bread chalupa shell, it has a shell made out of fried chicken! It releases nationally January 26th.

Weird Snack News: McDonald’s Nutella Sandwich

McDonald’s of Italy is serving up a Nutella Sandwich! It doesn’t come with ketchup, onions or pickles so you will have to ask for those.

Weird Snack News: Arby’s Pork Belly Sandwich

Arby’s has a new Pork Belly Sandwich! What’s pork belly? Just what you would think: it’s a fatty cut of meat from the belly of a pig! It’s most commonly cured and smoked to make bacon, but it’s also used for various other dishes around the world. Arby’s decided to smoke it and slap it on a sandwich with fried onions, cheese, mayo and BBQ sauce. It’s not the healthiest sandwich in the world, but #YOLO!

Weird Snack News: Pumpkin Chocolate Fries

McDonalds is getting into the fall spirit and just created Pumpkin & Chocolate French Fries! They drizzled thier iconic fries with chocolate and pumpkin flavored sauces to create an orange and black dish that looks spooky delicious! There’s only one problem: it’s only available in Japan. Boo!

Weird Snack News: Pizza Hut Grilled Cheese Pizza

Pizza Hut just released their newest creation, the Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza! The crust is stuffed with both cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and topped with toasted bread crumbs and melted butter. The result is a crispy, crunchy, cheesy crust that mimics the flavor and texture of a grilled cheese sandwich. Tomato soup not included.