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Frozen and freeze-dried snacks.

Pineapple Dole Whip Ice Cream

Remember that pineapple ice cream you ate at Disneyland? Now you can make it at home! Pineapple Dole Whip Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix can be made in any soft serve ice cream maker like this one.

Deep Fried Twinkies

Miss the state fair this year? No worries, you can have deep fried Twinkies at home! These prefried Twinkies can be heated in the oven or microwave!

Twinkie Ice Cream

Two great snacks combined! Twinkie flavored ice cream in a waffle cone topped with crumbled Twinkies!

Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream

The ice cream of the future! Actually, it was invented almost 30 years ago, but it’s still cool! Dippin’ Dots are tiny frozen balls of ice cream created by flash freezing at an extremely low temperature. The extreme cold tingles your tongue before quickly melting into smooth creamy ice cream. This party pack includes Chocolate, Cookies ‘n Cream with Oreo, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana Split, Strawberry, Rainbow Flavored Ice, Birthday Cake & Cotton Candy flavors!

Choco Taco

A dessert taco! Klondike Choco Tacos are made of Vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls inside a crunchy sugar cone taco shell, then covered in a chocolatey coating and sprinkled with peanuts. Now where are the Choco Nachos?

Goat Milk Ice Cream

Why Goat Milk? Well, besides the general awesomeness of goats, the ice cream made from their milk is higher in protein, lower in fat and easier to digest than regular old cow milk ice cream. It comes in Vanilla Snowflake, Deep Chocolate, Capraccino Almond Fudge, Sea Salt Caramel, Mystic Strawberry , Rumplemint, Capraccino, and Black Mission Fig. Did I mention that this would be a great snack to eat while playing Goat Simulator?

Astronaut Ice Cream

Save a trip to the science museum and get some Astronaut Ice Cream right here in a variety pack with five different flavors. Includes: Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Neapolitan, Ice Cream Sandwich

Freeze-dried Ice Cream Drops

Astrorox’s Freeze-dried Ice Cream Drops are neapolitan flavored and come in a convenient container. Whether you are traveling to work or to the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, you’ll always have something to snack on along the way.

Pickle Pops

Don’t lie, you have drank pickle juice before. Now you can get that same great taste inĀ  conveniently packaged frozen pickle juice popsicles! Thanks Bob! Pickle Pops were featured on the Food Network show Unwrapped.