Monthly Archives: January 2013

Ant Candy

Think you’ve never ate an ant before? Well now you can on purpose! These hard candies are Apple & Cherry flavored with 100% real ants inside! 

Worm & Cricket Suckers

How many licks does it take to make your friends gag? Hey, maybe your friends are weird snackers, too! We are sure they will love these tasty lollipops with a real mealworm or cricket in the center. They come in Apple, Watermelon, Orange. and Tequila Flavored. And they are all sugar-free!


Who doesn’t love larva? Larvets are 100% real mealworms cooked and seasoned to perfection!  They come in BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice. There are an unforgettable snack like no other!

Seasoned Crick-ettes

Tired of eating plain original flavored crickets? Now you can eat crispy seasoned Crick-ettes! They are 100% real crickets cooked to a crispy crunch and seasoned in three different flavors. They come in Bacon & Cheese, Salt N’ Vinegar, and Sour Cream & Onion. Try all three!

Bacon Gumballs

Why don’t they put these in the bubble gum machines at the grocery store? They have an acquired taste we suppose. Accoutrements Bacon Flavored Gumballs are for true bacon lovers.

Bacon and Maple Syrup Lollipop

Man Bait Bacon Maple Lollipop Suckers are the perfect gift for the bacon loving man (or woman) in your life. Made with real bacon and maple syrup, it’s a great savory and sweet treat!

Pickle Flavored Gumballs

These aren’t your average run-of-the-mill pickle flavored gumballs, these are Extra Briny Pickle Flavored Gumballs! In a convenient pocket sized tin for the taste of brine anytime!

Chocolate Bacon Bar

Wonka never made ’em like this! Tired of boring old chocolate bars with nuts or crispy rice things? Try Vosges Milk Chocolate Bacon Bars! It’s real milk chocolate with bits of real hickey smoked bacon! Plus, it’s sulfite-free! Whatever that means . . . 

Cupcake Flavored Gumballs

Cupcakes come in many varieties, so what flavor do these Cupcake Flavored Gumballs taste like? They taste like white vanilla cake covered in a cupcakey pink frosting! Amazing!

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

Bears aren’t my favorite shape of gummie candy. I believe the gummi worm to be the superior form. When you cover them in chocolate, however, you get something much more interesting. So until someone invents chocolate covered gummy worms, Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears will do just fine.

Chocolate Covered Orange Peel

You’ve been throwing away all those orange peels when you could have dipped them in chocolate and ate them! Don’t worry, you can get some premade Chocolate Covered Orange Peels to make up for the lost time.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Do these belong in the candy category or the chip category ? Well, at least until this crappy website gets redesigned, (mission accomplished) it’s going to be in the candy category only. Anyways, of all the varieties of the classic crispy fried potato chip, the rare Chocolate Covered Chip stands on it’s own. It’s got sweet and smooth chocolateyness on the outside, and crunchy, salty potatoeyness on the inside. Eat them with a sandwich or wait and eat them for dessert–if you can.  

Bacon Flavored Syrup

For those times when Baconnaise is just too thick and savory, there is Griffin’s sweet Bacon Syrup! Put it on pancakes, waffles, french toast, ice cream, or just pour it over a pound of bacon!

Just the Cheese Snacks

No potato or corn fillers! The name says it all. It’s just cheese. Really. That’s it. The next time you want a crunchy, cheesy snack and don’t want any extra . . . um . . . anything, give Just the Cheese Mini Round Snacks a try. Great for low carb diets.

World’s Largest Gummy Worm

I didn’t contact Guinness World Records to verify this, so I’ll just have to take their word for it. At about two feet long and weighing in at around three pounds, I think a bigger giant gummie worm would be hard to find. The World’s Largest Gummy Worm comes in Cherry, Raspberry, Sour Apple and even half and half worms with two flavors in one!