Monthly Archives: February 2013

Irish Potato Candy

It’s candy that looks like a spud! Irish Potato Candy was allegedly invented in Philadelphia by Irish-Americans to remember the Great Potato Famine. They don’t have any actual potato in them, but instead are made of a coconut cream fondant and rolled in cinnamon. A great snack for St. Patrick’s day!

Edible Gold

This isn’t any gold-colored sugar either. This is 100% real 23kt edible gold! That’s right, gold is edible! For those weird snackers with highly refined tastes, Gold Gourmet’s Edible Gold Flake Shaker is a must have. Sprinkle it on toast, meatloaf, fish sticks, whatever suits your fancy!


A Turducken is not a real animal. A Turducken is a turkey, duck, and chicken combined together with some stuffing to make one awesome dish. The Turducken was allegedly invented in Louisiana, but similar multi-animal dishes have been made since Roman times. All I know is that Turduckens make for one weird Thanksgiving dinner! And why stop there? Now you can buy Turducken for your dog and cat, too!

Haggis Flavored Chips

Haggis is a Scottish dish made from minced lamb organs mixed with oatmeal, fat, onions and spices. Now you can get that same great taste on a potato chip! Mackie’s Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper Flavored Chips taste just like the real thing!

Century Eggs

No, they aren’t actually a century old, but they look like they could be. These duck eggs have been preserved in a mixture of salt, tea and ash for up to several months. The end result is that the egg whites have turned into a dark brown gelatin-like substance that sometimes exhibits silver patterns similar to tree branches or snow flakes on the surface. The yolk becomes a greenish gray color with a creamy consistency and the smell of sulfur and ammonia. Century Eggs may be the weirdest (aka best) snack you’ll ever eat!


Haggis is a Scottish dish made from minced lamb organs mixed with oatmeal, fat, onions and spices. Stahly’s Traditional Scottish Haggis goes great with your neeps and tatties! (That’s turnips and potatoes to non-Scottish folks.) Or if you’re not the meat-eating type, try Stahly’s Vegetarian Haggis!

Spam Nuts

Everyone loves spam, especially Hawaiians. Hawaii is the largest consumer of Spam in the world so it only makes sense that they would create a Spam flavored snack. Hamakua Plantations Spam Flavored Macadamia Nuts has the great taste of Spam dusted on to Hawaii’s signature nut, the macadamia.

Bubble Tea

No, it’s not carbonated like soda pop. The ‘bubbles’ are actually chewy tapioca balls! Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s and now you can make your own at home! This jumbo DIY kit includes Taro, Green Tea Latte & Honey Dew Melon flavors. Remember to use the included extra-wide straws so you can suck up the bubbles! 

Bacon Flavored Salt

J&D’s Bacon Salt is the perfect seasoning salt for bacon lovers! This variety pack comes with three unique flavors: Applewood, Hickory, and Peppered. They add a salty, bacony taste to anything!

Bacon in a Can

Are you ready for the bacon apocalypse? In anticipation of a world wide bacon shortage, stock up on Yoders Canned Bacon! Every 9oz can contains 40-50 strips of real fully-cooked bacon with a shelf-life of 10 years!

Alligator Jerky

Thick cut from the tail, Bakke Brothers’ Alligator Jerky is the real deal. It’s 100% real alligator meat seasoned with a delicious Cajun spice! 

Jacob’s Twiglets

No, they aren’t tree twigs. They are a crispy wheat snacks with a “distinctive knobbly shape” similar to a twig. What really sets Twiglets apart from other snacks is its flavoring ingredient: yeast extract. So if you like the taste of Marmite, you will love Jacob’s Twiglets! Thanks Jacob!


Now you too can be like that guy from Brussels and eat a Vegemite sandwich! Kraft Vegemite is a popular food spread in Australia. It’s made from a by-product of beer manufacturing, various vegetables, wheat and spices. It’s salty, slightly bitter and savory. If you like Vegemite, you may want to try its stronger flavored British cousin Marmite.

Prawn Cocktail Flavored Chips

Technically, these should be called ‘crisps’ because they are a British snack. British prawn cocktails are also different than American shrimp cocktails. They use a mayonnaise/tomato dressing as their sauce instead of the ketchup/horseradish sauce that Americans use. I’m sure you’ll love these chips/crisps no matter where you live!

Mardi Gras King Cake

The King Cake is the traditional dessert for Mardi Gras celebrations. It’s like a big ol’ cinnamon roll with frosting and colored sugar on top. If you find the plastic baby inside, that means you get to buy next year’s King Cake! Lucky you! This is a mini 5-inch King Cake. If you want to make a full size one, try this box mix.