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It’s not people . . . I think. This Soylent is actually a nutritionally complete, ready-to-drink meal in a bottle.

Snickers Yard Bar

A yard of snickers? Well, it’s actually 18 snickers that total a yard-long, but it still would make a great conversation piece at your super bowl party!

Breakfast Lollipops

Lollipops for breakfast? Sure, why not? This gift box includes four extra large breakfast themed lollipops including a waffle lollipop that is waffle flavored and dipped in maple hard candy, a bacon lollipop that is maple flavored and embedded with soy bacon bits, and a doughnut lollipop that is coconut flavored and dipped in strawberry flavored hard candy!

Valentine’s Day Beef Jerky

Does your Valentine prefer meats over sweets? Then this Valentine’s Day Beef Jerky would make the perfect gift!

Valentine’s Day Breath Mints

Need to let your Valentine know you love them, but also that their breath could use some freshening up? Try these Valentine’s Day Tic Tacs! Each Tic Tac contains loving messages like “Hug me” and “Be Mine” and they are cherry and strawberry flavored!

Artichoke Hearts

Do you have a health-conscious Valentine who doesn’t like chocolates or candies? Well, how about some wholesome Artichoke Hearts?

Valentine’s Day Pasta

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with some Valentine’s Day Pasta! It’s heart shaped!

Giant Edible Waterbug

A giant edible waterbug! Also known as a Water Scorpion! They come in packs of two!

Giant Chocolate Lips

Show your Valentine how much you love them with these Giant Chocolate Lips!

Hand-Painted Artisan Chocolate Truffles

If you’re looking to give your Valentine something extra fancy smancy this Valentine’s Day, check out these Deluxe Hand-Painted Artisan Chocolate Truffles! These giant dessert-sized truffles are about 3 times the size of traditional truffles. They are also painted with nontoxic paints I’m assuming.

Weird Snack News: McDonald’s Grand Mac

What’s bigger than big? A Grand Mac! McDonald’s is releasing a supersized version of their trademark burger! It has a total of 1/3lb of beef and larger buns to match. The little old Big Mac only has two 1/10lb beef patties. There doesn’t seem to be an official release date so franchisees will be rolling them out sometime this month. Is the Grand Mac already available in your area?

Giant Hershey’s Kiss

Show your Valentine how much you love them with this Giant Hershey’s Kiss!

Giant Gummy Heart

Show your Valentine how much you love them with this Giant Gummie Heart! It’s cherry flavored!

Red Velvet KitKat

Valentine’s Day is almost here so you better stock up on these Red Velvet KitKat!

Sweet Potato Yogurt

Sweet Potato Yogurt! Perfect for Thanksgiving breakfast!