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Flavored Crickets

This 5-pack of edible crickets includes Roasted Original, Spicy Cayenne Pepper, Hickory Smoked Peppery Bacon, Cheesy Ranch, and Buffalo Wing Sauce!

Breakfast Lollipops

Lollipops for breakfast? Sure, why not? This gift box includes four extra large breakfast themed lollipops including a waffle lollipop that is waffle flavored and dipped in maple hard candy, a bacon lollipop that is maple flavored and embedded with soy bacon bits, and a doughnut lollipop that is coconut flavored and dipped in strawberry flavored hard candy!

Bacon Horseradish Chips

Ever put horseradish on your bacon? Me neither, but it sounds good! These Utz Bacon Horseradish Potato Chips combine two great flavors in one!

Bacon Flavored Candy Canes

Bacon Flavored Candy Canes! (*contains no actual bacon)

Exotic Game Jerky Gift Box

A 20 piece variety gift pack of exotic game meats, plus bacon flavored toothpicks! Includes: Alligator, Buffalo, Elk, Kangaroo, Venison, Wild Boar Jerky & Meat Sticks, Maple Duck & Pheasant Meat Stick, Ostrich & Beef Pemican Jerky.

Bacon Bucket

A bucket of bacon! Includes Bacon Jerky, Bacon Hot Sauce, Bacon Taffy, Bacon Air Freshener, and Bacon Popcorn inside a steel bucket! Plus, it includes a screwdriver for opening!

Bacon Flavored Cotton Candy

Don’t have a bacon carnival in your town? No worries, now you can get Bacon Flavored Cotton Candy right here!

Bacon Flavored Hot Sauce

That’s right, it’s a hot sauce that tastes like bacon! A bacon lover’s dream! Bacon Hot Sauce has a little heat mixed with a smokey baconeyness.

Bacon Flavored Salt

J&D’s Bacon Salt is the perfect seasoning salt for bacon lovers! This variety pack comes with three unique flavors: Applewood, Hickory, and Peppered. They add a salty, bacony taste to anything!

Bacon in a Can

Are you ready for the bacon apocalypse? In anticipation of a world wide bacon shortage, stock up on Yoders Canned Bacon! Every 9oz can contains 40-50 strips of real fully-cooked bacon with a shelf-life of 10 years!

Bacon Drink Tabs

They won’t actually cure any of your bacon-related ailments, but they will turn boring old water into a fizzy bacon drink! Try it with other liquids too!  Get some Accoutrements Bacon Drink Tabs and see how many crazy bacon beverages you can create!

Skillet Bacon Spread

Not only do the people over at Skillet Street Food know how to cook bacon, they also know how to turn it into a delicious spreadable condiment! And unlike some other bacon flavored products, Skillet Bacon Spread is made with real bacon! 

Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix

You drink hot chocolate with your breakfast bacon, so why not put them together into one delicious drink? John Wayne Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix has done just that. 

Seasoned Crick-ettes

Tired of eating plain original flavored crickets? Now you can eat crispy seasoned Crick-ettes! They are 100% real crickets cooked to a crispy crunch and seasoned in three different flavors. They come in Bacon & Cheese, Salt N’ Vinegar, and Sour Cream & Onion. Try all three!

Bacon Gumballs

Why don’t they put these in the bubble gum machines at the grocery store? They have an acquired taste we suppose. Accoutrements Bacon Flavored Gumballs are for true bacon lovers.