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Wasabi Gift Box

Hai! The Ultimate Wasabi Lover’s Gift Set Includes 5 Wasabi flavored items: Toothpaste, Gumballs, Candy, Exploding Candy and Candy Canes!

Gravy Flavored Candy Canes

Good gravy! These Accoutrements Gravy Candy Canes belong on every holiday table!

Candy Cane Spoons

Edible spoons! These Candy Cane Spoons are made entirely of peppermint hard candy just like candy canes. So you might want to let your soup cool a bit first so they don’t melt!

Krampus Candy Canes

Who is Krampus? The Anti-Santa Claus who punishes bad children instead of rewarding the good children. But a guy who has Cinnamon Flavored Candy Canes can’t be all bad, can he?

Bacon Flavored Candy Canes

Bacon Flavored Candy Canes! (*contains no actual bacon)

Wasabi Candy Canes

Tired of boring old peppermint candy canes? Try some Wasabi Flavored Candy Canes! These spicy canes taste just like the Japanese horseradish!

Giant 2LB Peppermint Stick

Weighing in at two pounds, this is the biggest peppermint stick in the world! Don’t eat it all in one sitting!