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Black Silkie Chicken Meat

Burnt chicken meat? No, the meat from the Silkie Chicken is black in color due to a natural mutation called fibromelanosis. Silkie chicken meat is considered a gourmet food in several Asian countries.

Whole Chicken in a Can

Looking for a quick and easy dinner? Try a whole cooked chicken in a can!

Buffalo Wing Soda

What would go better with Buffalo Wings than some Buffalo Wing Soda Pop?

Gummy Chicken Feet

Forget about why the chicken crossed the road, the real question is: how did the chicken cross the road if its feet were made of gummies?


A Turducken is not a real animal. A Turducken is a turkey, duck, and chicken combined together with some stuffing to make one awesome dish. The Turducken was allegedly invented in Louisiana, but similar multi-animal dishes have been made since Roman times. All I know is that Turduckens make for one weird Thanksgiving dinner! And why stop there? Now you can buy Turducken for your dog and cat, too!