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Pepsi Fire Cinnamon Soda Pop

More of a liquid candy than a refreshing drink, this cinnamon flavored soda pop is tasty nevertheless.

Krampus Candy Canes

Who is Krampus? The Anti-Santa Claus who punishes bad children instead of rewarding the good children. But a guy who has Cinnamon Flavored Candy Canes can’t be all bad, can he?

Irish Potato Candy

It’s candy that looks like a spud! Irish Potato Candy was allegedly invented in Philadelphia by Irish-Americans to remember the Great Potato Famine. They don’t have any actual potato in them, but instead are made of a coconut cream fondant and rolled in cinnamon. A great snack for St. Patrick’s day!

Mardi Gras King Cake

The King Cake is the traditional dessert for Mardi Gras celebrations. It’s like a big ol’ cinnamon roll with frosting and colored sugar on top. If you find the plastic baby inside, that means you get to buy next year’s King Cake! Lucky you! This is a mini 5-inch King Cake. If you want to make a full size one, try this box mix.