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Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Keebler Pumpkin Spice Fudge Stripes Cookies! Happy Pumpkin Spice Season! weirdsnacks.com

Edible Cookie Dough

Wait, isn’t all cookie dough edible? Well, there are some health risks with eating standard raw cookie dough. But fear not! This cookie dough is safe to eat right out of the jar! Includes 4 flavors: peanut butter cup, chocolate chip, oats and raisins, and s’mores! weirdsnacks.com

Apple Pie Oreo Cookies

The taste of fresh homemade apple pie in a cookie! Apple Pie Oreo Cookies! Try them warmed up with ice cream on top! weirdsnacks.com

Waffles & Syrup Oreo Cookies

Finally, you can have cookies for breakfast! These Waffles & Syrup flavored Oreo Cookies taste just like the real thing!

Shamrock Shortbread Cookies

Searching for a sugary snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Then you’ll surly love these Shamrock Shortbread Cookies!

Red Velvet Oreo Cookies

Red Velvet cake is a chocolate cake that is colored red and covered in cream cheese frosting. Oreo Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies are the same thing in cookie form.

Swedish Fish Oreos

Fish flavored Oreos? Cool! Oh wait, they are just flavored like the Swedish Fish gummi candy. Well, that’s still pretty cool.

Burger Cookies

Looking for your average everyday burger shaped cookie? Look no further than Every Burger Cookies. They are sesame cookies with a chocolate “burger patty” and white chocolate “cheese.” Would you like chocolate fries with that?

Candy Corn Oreos

The Oreos company has been totally crushing it with all their unique varieties. It seems that about any sweet treat will be turned into an Oreo flavor if it hasn’t already. Take their Candy Corn Oreos for example. The traditional fall candy put into sandwich cookie form! What more could you ask for?


Pocky is an extremely popular candy in Japan. It consists of thin cookie sticks covered in a variety of creamy coatings. This six pack includes Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Banana, and Milk Chocolate flavors.


Admit it, you’ve taken your Oreos apart and reassembled them with several layers of creme, right? You can now save yourself a lot of extra work and get some MEGA STUF Oreos!