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Exotic Game Jerky Gift Box

A 20 piece variety gift pack of exotic game meats, plus bacon flavored toothpicks! Includes: Alligator, Buffalo, Elk, Kangaroo, Venison, Wild Boar Jerky & Meat Sticks, Maple Duck & Pheasant Meat Stick, Ostrich & Beef Pemican Jerky.


A Turducken is not a real animal. A Turducken is a turkey, duck, and chicken combined together with some stuffing to make one awesome dish. The Turducken was allegedly invented in Louisiana, but similar multi-animal dishes have been made since Roman times. All I know is that Turduckens make for one weird Thanksgiving dinner! And why stop there? Now you can buy Turducken for your dog and cat, too!

Century Eggs

No, they aren’t actually a century old, but they look like they could be. These duck eggs have been preserved in a mixture of salt, tea and ash for up to several months. The end result is that the egg whites have turned into a dark brown gelatin-like substance that sometimes exhibits silver patterns similar to tree branches or snow flakes on the surface. The yolk becomes a greenish gray color with a creamy consistency and the smell of sulfur and ammonia. Century Eggs┬ámay be the weirdest (aka best) snack you’ll ever eat!