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Gummy Bug Tape

Ewww. Ever seen those sticky tape traps used to catch bugs and wished you could eat it? Yes? What is wrong with you? Well, I don’t recommend eating the real thing, but this gummy version should be okay. weirdsnacks.com

Zombie Gummy Hand

Need a hand? How about a Zombie Gummy Hand on a Stick? It’s fruit flavored and pretty handy to have around. weirdsnacks.com

Gummy Organs

Fruity flavored gummy brains, hearts, lungs and intestines! Great for Halloween parties, trick-or-treaters, or anatomy class! weirdsnacks.com

Weird Beard Gummy Candies

Gummy candies shaped like some guy with a beard! Santa? No, it’s basketball star, James Harden! weirdsnacks.com

2ft Gummy Worms

If the 3 pound gummie worms are too big for you, try these 2 foot gummy worms! They are about the same width of regular gummy worms, just longer!

Giant Watermelon Gummy

Summer isn’t technically over yet, so there’s still time to enjoy some refreshing watermelon in your backyard. If you don’t like the hassle and mess of real watermelon, try this Giant Watermelon flavored Gummie on a stick! It weighs over a pound!

Giant Gummy Hot Dog

A giant 7oz gummy Hot Dog complete with gummy mustard and relish! But where is the gummy ketchup?

Swedish Fish Hearts

They are like Swedish Fish except they are shaped like hearts
instead of fish! Why? Well, at least they still have the unqiue flavor of Swedish Fish which is said to be that of Lingonberries.

Giant Gummy Heart

Show your Valentine how much you love them with this Giant Gummie Heart! It’s cherry flavored!

Gummy Snails

Candy escargot! These jelly filled gummi snails are fruit flavored!

Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Sugar Free Gummi Bears! So what, you say? Well, it isn’t the lack of sugar that makes these interesting, it’s what they use to replace it. These gummie bears contain a sugar alcohol called maltitol, a sweet substance well known to have the unfortunate side effect of explosive diarrhea to those who consume it. You’ve been warned.

Giant Gummy Burger

A 7oz Giant Gummy Burger! It’s cherry flavored and 100% fat free! Now where’s the gummi fries?

Swedish Fish Gummy Candy

Fish flavored candy? No, Swedish Fish gummies may be lingonberry flavored. Whatever that is.

Spicy Gummy Hot Chilli Pepper

Challenge your friends with three levels of heat in one spicy gummi! The green portion is Jalapeno (Medium Heat), the Orange is Habanero (Strong Heat) and the Red is Ghost Pepper (Insane Heat)!

Gummy Gingerbread Men

Tis the season for Gingerbread! These Gummi Gingerbread Men Candies have the flavor of Gingerbread cookies in a convenient candy form!