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Pumpkin Spice Green Tea

Pumpkin Spice Green Tea! 100% Kosher Organic Premium Culinary Grade Japanese Matcha Tea! Grown and Processed at an Organic Family Farm in Nishio, Japan! weirdsnacks.com

Japanese Snack Gift Box

A variety of Japanese snacks in a gift box! Items may vary. weirdsnacks.com

Microwave Donut Kit

DIY kit for making doughnuts in the microwave! Includes donut mix, frosting, sprinkles and accessories. It’s from Japan and does not include english instructions, but they say you can find instructional videos on youtube!

Wasabi Ginger Potato Chips

Lay’s Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger Potato Chips are the perfect chips to go with sushi!

Soy Sauce & Mayo Flavored Chips

Two great condiments on one potato chip! Calbee Soy Sauce & Mayonnaise Potato Chips are from Japan!

Wasabi Gift Box

Hai! The Ultimate Wasabi Lover’s Gift Set Includes 5 Wasabi flavored items: Toothpaste, Gumballs, Candy, Exploding Candy and Candy Canes!

Wasabi Candy Canes

Tired of boring old peppermint candy canes? Try some Wasabi Flavored Candy Canes! These spicy canes taste just like the Japanese horseradish!

Raspberry Flavored Kit Kat

Raspberry Flavored Kit Kat! From Japan! They’re pink!

Candy Sushi

Sweet sushi made completely of candy! This Candy Sushi is made with crispy marshmallow rice filled with various sweet confections including a buttercream “wasabi”, a chocolate syrup “soy sauce,” chewy candy “ginger,” and of course, a Swedish fish gummy!

Green Tea Flavored Kit Kat

Why does Japan always have the coolest snacks? Fortunately, with the power of the internet we can all share in the fun! Green Tea Kit Kats have a great flavor and an awesome green color!

Burger Cookies

Looking for your average everyday burger shaped cookie? Look no further than Every Burger Cookies. They are sesame cookies with a chocolate “burger patty” and white chocolate “cheese.” Would you like chocolate fries with that?

Salad Flavored Chips

Finally! A way to enjoy the taste of a fresh healthy salad in potato chip form! Who wants to do all that chewing anyway? French Salad Pringles are from Japan!


Pocky is an extremely popular candy in Japan. It consists of thin cookie sticks covered in a variety of creamy coatings. This six pack includes Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Banana, and Milk Chocolate flavors.

Strawberry Flavored Ramune Soda Pop

Sometimes it’s not about flavor or even the snack itself. Sometimes it’s the container which holds the snack that makes it unique. Strawberry Flavored Ramune is a Japanese soda pop in a specially designed bottle. Each bottle is sealed with a glass marble that must be dislodged with the included tool. Knock the ball down into the liquid and watch the fizzy explosion, then remember to hold the bottle just right so the marble doesn’t block the flow of the tasty drink inside. 

Botan Rice Candy

A candy so good you’ll eat the wrapper. Actually, you can eat the wrapper–it’s made of rice paper! Botan Rice Candy is a chewy Japanese candy that’s lemon & orange flavored. Each box also includes a sticker!