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Carolina Reaper Hot Beef Jerky

Beef jerky seasoned with the world’s hottest pepper! No Added Preservatives, No Added MSG and No Nitrates! weirdsnacks.com

Snapping Turtle Jerky

Forget about snapping into a Slim Jim, snap into some Snapping Turtle Jerky! Oh yeah!

Beef Bucket

A bucket of beef! ManBuckets BEEF Bucket Includes Uncle Andy’s Jerky, Krave Jerky, Summer Sausage, Epic Bar, Meat Cleaver and a screwdriver!

Exotic Game Jerky Gift Box

A 20 piece variety gift pack of exotic game meats, plus bacon flavored toothpicks! Includes: Alligator, Buffalo, Elk, Kangaroo, Venison, Wild Boar Jerky & Meat Sticks, Maple Duck & Pheasant Meat Stick, Ostrich & Beef Pemican Jerky.

Bacon Bucket

A bucket of bacon! Includes Bacon Jerky, Bacon Hot Sauce, Bacon Taffy, Bacon Air Freshener, and Bacon Popcorn inside a steel bucket! Plus, it includes a screwdriver for opening!

Thanksgiving Turkey Jerky

Gobble Gobble! Think Jerky Thanksgiving Turkey Jerky is made with free-range turkey, real cranberries, and a blend of herbs and spices! It’s gluten free, non-GMO, no nitrites, all natural, no added hormones or antibiotics, and paleo friendly!

Octopus Jerky

This is the only Octopus Jerky on the market! Sure, you could catch your own octopus and jerkyize it, but why bother? Just get some premade Moroccan Octopus Jerky right here.

Pheasant Jerky

Looking for a pleasant pheasant snack? This pheasant is surely pleasant. It would make a great present!

Buffalo Jerky

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo! What? No, I wasn’t just repeating the same word over and over, it’s actually a grammatically correct sentence. See here?  Now, back to the snacks. This is all natural, 100% real buffalo jerky. I buffalo you not.

Fruit Flavored Beef Jerky

Fruit and meat? How neat! This Fruit Flavored Beef Jerky has been marinated in a medley of fruit juices to give it a subtle sweetness. It also comes in a hot variety.

Earthworm Jerky

No more scouring the sidewalks after a rainstorm, now you can get real Earthworm Jerky in a convenient package. They are also flavored with a spicy marinade!

Shark Jerky

There is an average of 16 shark bites in the United States each year.  Now you can turn the tide and bite into some real Mako Shark Jerky! Stock up for Shark Week!

Ostrich Jerky

Each Buffalo Bob’s Ostrich Jerky stick contains real Ostrich meat, is high in protein and is low in calories and fat. It doesn’t taste fowl either!

Kangaroo Jerky

However you like to eat your Kangaroo Jerky, it’s sure to make you jump for joy! Each Buffalo Bob’s Kangaroo Jerky stick contains real kangaroo meat, is high in protein and low in calories and fat. G’day mate!

Alligator Jerky

Thick cut from the tail, Bakke Brothers’ Alligator Jerky is the real deal. It’s 100% real alligator meat seasoned with a delicious Cajun spice!