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McDonald’s Condiments

The good news: McDonald’s is selling their official sandwich condiments. The bad news: they are only officially available in Canada. More good news: you can officially buy it online from almost anywhere! That’s right, it’s McDonald’s world famous secret Big Mac Sauce, Filet-O-Fish Tartar Sauce, and McChicken Sauce! Get it right here! weirdsnacks.com

Weird Snack News: McDonald’s Grand Mac

What’s bigger than big? A Grand Mac! McDonald’s is releasing a supersized version of their trademark burger! It has a total of 1/3lb of beef and larger buns to match. The little old Big Mac only has two 1/10lb beef patties. There doesn’t seem to be an official release date so franchisees will be rolling them out sometime this month. Is the Grand Mac already available in your area?

Weird Snack News: McDonald’s Nutella Sandwich

McDonald’s of Italy is serving up a Nutella Sandwich! It doesn’t come with ketchup, onions or pickles so you will have to ask for those.

Weird Snack News: Pumpkin Chocolate Fries

McDonalds is getting into the fall spirit and just created Pumpkin & Chocolate French Fries! They drizzled thier iconic fries with chocolate and pumpkin flavored sauces to create an orange and black dish that looks spooky delicious! There’s only one problem: it’s only available in Japan. Boo!