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Pickled Onion Flavored Corn Chips

Pickled Onion Flavored Corn Chips! A British snack! weirdsnacks.com

Fruit Flavored Dill Pickles

Kinda like Kool-Aid Koolicles, these dill pickle spears have been soaked in sweet sno-cone syrup to create three unique flavors: Strawberry, Cherry, and Orange Creme. They are a sweet, salty, fruity, dilly treat!

Pickle Juice

No more waiting to finish the pickle jar so you can drink the juice! Van Holtons Pickleback Real Pickle Brine is just straight up pickle juice ready for drinking! They say it may be good for muscle cramps too!

Gummy Pickle

A gummi candy pickle that tastes just like the real thing, but without all the pesky probiotics and antioxidants! This Giant 4.5oz Gummy Pickle is the shape and size of a real pickle and even has a sour dill flavor!

Pickle Gift Basket

A gift basket for Pickle People! This Pickle Gift Box Includes: Mr Pickles with mustache plush toy, Dill Pickle Popcorn, Dilly Dally Dill Pickle Candy, Van Holten’s Dill Pickle, Sour & Tangy Pickle, Kosher Pickle and Hot and Spicy Pickle.

Fried Pickle Topping

The taste of delicious fried pickles in a convenient topping condiment! Add it to salads, burgers, hot dogs, meat loaf, casseroles, ice cream, whatever! Loeb’s Pickle Crunch is made with real pickles!

Pickled Pigs Feet

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pigs feet! Okay, maybe that’s not how the nursery rhyme goes, but anyway, pickled pigs feet are a delicacy in the American South, China, and Scandinavia!

Pickled Pigs Lips

Pucker up! Pickled Pigs Lips are 100% real lips straight from the pig’s mouth!

Pickle Flavored Gumballs

These aren’t your average run-of-the-mill pickle flavored gumballs, these are Extra Briny Pickle Flavored Gumballs! In a convenient pocket sized tin for the taste of brine anytime!

Pickle Pops

Don’t lie, you have drank pickle juice before. Now you can get that same great taste inĀ  conveniently packaged frozen pickle juice popsicles! Thanks Bob! Pickle Pops were featured on the Food Network show Unwrapped.