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Pumpkin Spice Green Tea

Pumpkin Spice Green Tea! 100% Kosher Organic Premium Culinary Grade Japanese Matcha Tea! Grown and Processed at an Organic Family Farm in Nishio, Japan! weirdsnacks.com

Tea Flavored Candy

All natural hard candies made with real tea! They come in three flavors: Classic Iced Tea, Citrus Green Tea and Green Tea Latte!

Dandelion Tea

You don’t have to wait until spring to enjoy the taste of Dandelion Tea! It has many health benefits too!

Vegetable Tea

You were always told to eat your vegetables, now you can drink them too! Numi Organic Savory Tea combines real vegetables with decaf tea and herbs and spices! This sampler pack includes six flavors: tomato mint, spinach chive, fennel spice, carrot curry, broccoli cilantro and beet cabbage!

Mistletoe Herb Tea

Mistletoe isn’t just for kissing under! You can drink it too! Mistletoe Herb Tea may also help support blood pressure levels, inflammation, varicose veins, ulcers, swelling, epilepsy and stuff like that.

Green Tea Flavored Kit Kat

Why does Japan always have the coolest snacks? Fortunately, with the power of the internet we can all share in the fun! Green Tea Kit Kats have a great flavor and an awesome green color!


Pocky is an extremely popular candy in Japan. It consists of thin cookie sticks covered in a variety of creamy coatings. This six pack includes Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Banana, and Milk Chocolate flavors.

Bubble Tea

No, it’s not carbonated like soda pop. The ‘bubbles’ are actually chewy tapioca balls! Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s and now you can make your own at home! This jumbo DIY kit includes Taro, Green Tea Latte & Honey Dew Melon flavors. Remember to use the included extra-wide straws so you can suck up the bubbles!